4K Panasonic at NAB

4K DVX100 to be announced at NAB?

With much sorrow I am not at NAB this week. However, I will be keeping up with the info coming out from Las Vegas and I have a few friends on the ground willing to ask questions on my behalf. While tomorrow should be the first day of  goodies, the announcements this year already have me excited.

For now I will treat this as rumor but Andrew Reid at EOSHD broke the news that Panasonic should be introducing a new large sensor 4K camera this year. The individual(s) he spoke to equated this new camera to the DVX100 and the impact that sub-$10k camera had on the independent filmmaking community.

Tommy Using the DVX100

Shooting my thesis on the DVX100b

For those who do not know, the panasonic DVX100 was a revolutionary camera. For under $5000 you could finally get true 24p. While this has been on your DSLR pretty much since the beginning of time, those of us who started on tape were not so fortunate. I remember purchasing one in 2010 which I used to shoot my college thesis. It was one of the most remarkable cameras I’ve owned. Unfortunately mine died only a few months later due to a malfunctioning tape deck which was a common problem I’m afraid. Now it sits on a shelf along with my other antiquated cameras.

In 2012 I finally saved enough pennies to purchase the Panasonic AF100 (specifically the AF105a which was the Japanese version that could film in 60p at 1080) I loved this camera for what it was, what it could do, and how little it cost in comparison to others on the market.  With much sadness I sold my af105 last year to pay for much needed, at the time, redmags. I contemplated re-purchasing another one a few months back but the internal technology is just too out-dated to justify.


My AF105a on the water at the wake board compound.

I am very curious if this new camera coming out, if it actually does, will be a fixed lens solution like the DVX100 was (or the Canon XC10 is [by the way this will probably be my next camera purchase]). Or will panasonic release an updated version of the AF series with an interchangeable lens system which so many people, myself included, have been asking for all these years.


How Does This Fit in Your World?

If Panasonic where to introduce a new camera what features would you like to see? Or better yet, what features would you need implemented to make the switch to Panny’s new 4K camera?

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