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New C100 Picture Profiles

The Switch / The Search
So I recently made a personal switch from shooting Red to the C100 for the majority of my work. I do a lot of solo run-n-gun stuff and having a smaller (and much much much lighter) package often benefits me. However, I’m not here to stir up controversy or start a debate, I merely want to state what started my search. I fell in the love with the Red image and I have been trying to replicate that with the C100. As much as I can at least.


My biggest complaint when I switched systems was the color profiles. Personally I think Canon has always had some of the best skin tones; yet, I haven’t found a color profile that I’ve absolutely loved the way I did with my Red. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy C-Log (or cinema as it is called on the C100) but sometimes I don’t want or have the need to shoot in log. I’ve met a lot of people who shoot in wideDR but I just cannot get an image straight out of the camera that I like. Which is supposed to be the point of it. And I end up doing more adjustments in post with wideDR than I do C-Log.


This is not a paid for review. I purchased these profiles with my own desert money.


The Wizard in a Lab Coat
In comes Shane Hurlbut’s C100 picture profiles. My good friend Mike Collins (follow him on twitter @mikespins) introduced me to these profiles. My first question to him was “what do they look like?” I couldn’t find any examples of how these settings are supposed to look. After two minutes of debate I figured I could forgo a candy bar & soda for a day to give these profiles a try.


Since I couldn’t find examples, I wanted to provide you with some. Warning, I am not a scientist anymore. This is not a scientific test and I’m sure many of you can point out something (or somethings) I’ve done wrong. Let me explain the method to my madness. I wanted a high contrast shot. Rarely in the corporate world will I have something like this, but I wanted to see how these profiles handled harsh contrasting light. You can make anything look beautiful with the right lighting, but I didn’t want to flatter these profiles. I wanted lots of shadows and on the verge of blown highlights.

eos standard


My Method / My Madness
I used two Ikan LED lights, rated at 5600k, and I followed my Sekonic light-meter setting my aperture at f/3.5. Now I do want to say that these iKan LEDs are not my favorite. They give off a purple tint which is reflected in my footage. Rarely do I film with these lights and when I do I obviously apply color correction, but for the sake of consistency I decided to leave the frames untouched. Here are the results:




SIC001sic002_no cc


I plan on doing a little bit more testing next week but from first impressions I think SIC002 will be my go to profile for the majority of my work. Both profiles are based off of Canon Log’s gamma & color. Heck I can see turning over SIC001 footage as-is if it was necessary. But for me, the SIC002 offers the look I need with the ease of use that a one man band loves. I will say this though, until I’m 100% confident in the profile I will use C-Log for anything I send to a professional colorist. Though I would not be surprised if I change my mind in due time.


C-Log compared with SIC002

C-Log compared with SIC002. No color correction.


On another personal note I cannot wait to pair SIC002 profile with my new Black Pro-Mist filter as I’m sure the two will compliment each other greatly.

Since I am a fan of Film Convert, which I’m sure several of you are as well, I wanted to compare LOG to SIC002 using one of my favorite profiles. FJ Velv 100. With the C-Log clip I set film convert specifically to the appropriate C100 settings, while on the SIC002 clip I left it at the sRGB default camera settings. Hurlbut’s profile could stand to use a few further adjustments but I love the foundation it lays.


C-Log and SIC002_Film Convert

C-Log and SIC002 profiles are compared with Film Convert applied.

I’m A Fan
What about you? What profiles have you found useful on your Canon Cinema camera? Do some benefit you in certain situations over others?


  • Clayton Gallego Says

    Finally i found one test with these profiles!! thank’s for sharing.. you still usign the sic002? what your final impressions for professional work with these profiles?

    • I used SIC002 for about 90% of the work I did on the c100. I wish I had done an update to this post before I sold it and had an even better grasp on the pic profiles and coloring. That being said I would use SIC002 over C-Log any day. It fit my workflow better and was easier to shoot for and grade IMO. If you have any questions also feel free to hit me up on twitter if you’re over there @tommysdavis

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