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See What Happens TV is a filmmaking resource for people who make films or want to. And by “resource,” we mean our blog. We aim to provide a little slice of filmmaker heaven during your render time.

It is also a place for fans and filmmakers alike to enjoy films directed and/or DP’ed by SWHtv owner, Page Lynch, or by one of the select blog writers for SWHtv.

So, if you like coffee as much as Page does, brew an entire glorious pot and curl up with our blogs to learn along with us about filmmaking news, filmmaking gear, and filmmaking behind the scenes, and of course, watch our films!


Page Lynch

See What Happens TV is owned and operated by Page Lynch, who is a Director, DP, and writer. He despises writing about himself in the third person, so he will keep this concise.

Sometime in precisely 2011, Page said “See what happens!” in a funny-ish YouTube video, and his wife suggested that this become his tagline. Following her always-completely-correct advice, he made “See what happens!” his tagline. Then, he made it a website. Then, the world descended upon said website and showered it with their love and affection.

Once upon a time and like everyone else in Nashville, Page pursued music, but he decided he liked making films and writing a lot better. It’s okay because he can still sing to the crew on set, and they just have to sit there and endure it through their fake smiles…

Over the years, he morphed from being an avid photographer into an experienced cinematographer, bending light and cameras to his will. As a filmmaker, Page’s goal is to work his way into directing episodic television and/or feature films.

As a writer, Page hopes to become a prolific author of irresistible books. In the meantime, he writes a ridiculous number of blog posts, and he authors daily short stories, each one sporting the designation of #Storygram which he posts to his Instagram and then to his blog each morning. The Storygrams help to keep his writing chops polished like a witch’s red apple and his creative juices flowing as freely as wild nectar while he works on clients’ and/or his own films. The Storygrams are also printed into a book collection every 100 stories, which will be available on Amazon soon.

He thanks you for visiting this site and supporting his work, and he invites you to give his cinematography reel below a look before you click out the door.


Page Lynch 2015 Cinematography Reel


Tommy Davis

Tommy Davis can only be described as a genius… That is, if Tommy is describing himself. Others may prefer to call him wierd, odd, strange, etc. All are correct.

Tommy was raised in a military family and was fortunate enough to travel through, not only parts of the U.S., but also Japan during his adolescence. Growing up, he had always wanted to be a marine biologist. Luckily, Tommy discovered his parents’ VHS camcorder before a Great White was able to discover his meaty build.

Attending a local university, Tommy graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Mass Media where he passed from job to job before realizing that freelancing was the life for him. Now, Tommy runs a small production company in GA, where he resides with his wife, a family of dogs, a cat who thinks she’s a dog, and an alien he keeps locked in the attic.

If you would like to read the ramblings of madman, follow Tommy on Twitter @TommySDavis.